Solaris Upgrade 2 (Turns Your Solaris into a Solaris 2) - 098612073307
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Solaris Upgrade 2 (Turns Your Solaris into a Solaris 2)

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The upgrade for the Solaris to the Solaris 2 will give you the following:


New and improved sewing features:


End Point Sewing for Utility and decorative sewing

End Point Stickers (4 sheets of 243 stickers/sheet


New and improved Embroidery features:


50 General embroidery patterns + 2 smaller sized for 15 buttonhole patterns

Two new categories and 15 new patterns for semi-automatic quilt border function, up to 3mx3m (118x118)

Scanned image density can be adjusted to 3 levels

Switch stitching order to combined embroidery designs

400% magnification on pattern selection and pattern editing screens

Able to extract inner outlines of open designs

Able to easily add decorative fill patterns from IQ designer around a pattern


New and improved IQ designer features:


6 new Decorative Fills (Patterns 37-42)

Three styles and 6 levels of random shift (18 possibilities per fill pattern)

400% magnification on stitch setting screen

IQ positioning App allows image from mobile device to be sent wirelessly to the machine for pattern creation

New and improved General features

6 new instructional videos added (auto-split quilt sashing video was also added with Kit 1)