Kimberbell Deluxe Embroidery Scissors
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Kimberbell Deluxe Embroidery Scissors

Designed with exclusive innovations, Kimberbell's Deluxe Embroidery Scissors and Tools feature sharp blades that cut all the way to the tip and large, double-loop rings for a comfortable grip in every hand. Protect fabric and stitches while cutting applique pieces with our 5 Duckbill Applique Scissors, then trim intricate details with Sharp Snips! Our Precision Fine Tip Tweezers With Blade have blades on all four sides, ideal for unpicking basting stitches, while our 4 Micro Tips feature a longer blade for precise clipping. Made of the finest steel, Kimberbell's Deluxe Embroidery Scissors and Tools are a must-have for every stitching enthusiast!

Item #: KDTL104 UPC: 818514021691