Kangaroo / Arrow Sewing Insert
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Kangaroo / Arrow Sewing Insert

These inserts are custom cut and cannot be returned so it is very important we get all the information right.  If you are interested in ordering one please call the shop at 864-962-5353.

Our custom acrylic sewing machine inserts are designed to create a flush working surface for your specific sewing machine, to use with an Arrow, Kangaroo or Americana sewing cabinet. When installed, the acrylic insert creates an ergonomic worksurface while sewing in the free arm position. The insert fills the gaps allowing for straighter stitches, less fatigue, and overall better sewing experience.

Note:  All inserts are custom made to fit the cabinet, machine, and knee lift requirement and usually take 3-4 weeks to arrive.  Some manufacturers are having difficulty obtaining raw materials due to COVID and this may cause this item to take longer than normal to arrive.