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  Machine Repair Services
Scissor or Blade Sharpening

Marietta's Quilt and Sew repairs and services BabyLock & Janome of machines. Our machine technicians are on site. You can drop off your machine anytime during normal business hours. We do not take appointments. We can only service BabyLock and Janome Machines at this time.

Troubleshooting common sewing machine problems.   Check out this great article by Sewing Bee Fabrics.

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Sewing Machine Service & Repair

We offer a full-service repair department! Our Machine Technicians have over 15 years combined experience in the industry and are certified in: Janome, and Baby Lock.

We are here to help and can service Baby Lock & Janome sewing machines, serger machines, embroidery machines, or long arm quilting machines.

Service work is done on site; with the rare occasion that your machine may be shipped back to the manufacturer!

Don’t wait until your machine isn’t working to bring it in for service. Just as your car needs regular maintenance, sewing machines require servicing to ensure optimum functionality and long life.  Please note - We will perform a general service on your machine while it is here unless you request otherwise.  

Due to limited storage space, we ask that you pick up your machine within thirty days of completion. If you have not picked up your machine within thirty days we will impose a $20 per month storage charge. If you have not picked up your machine after ninety days we will dispose of the machine at our discretion.


How long does it take to service my machine?

We strive to service machines within 7 -14 business days depending on the volume. If there are any problems in the repair process, we will contact you and keep you informed.

We do not take appointments for service and repair.

What is the charge for a full service?

*A full service on all machines includes: Cleaning, oiling, adjusting and setting the timing and tension.

Sewing Only Machine:  $129.00
Embroidery Only Machine:  $149.00
Combo Sewing & Embroidery Machine:
$149.00 (with or without embroidery arm)
Serger: $125.00
Longarm - $150.00

Upright / Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines:

Babylock Single Needle Machine: $250.00
Babylock 6 needle machine:
Babylock 10 needle machine: $325.00

Janome 4 Needle:  $275.00

Janome 7 Needle:  $350.00

Other Services

Bench Fee (Evaluation / Repair):
 $55 / Per Hour

 *If we can not fix your machine, or if you do not want further service after the bench fee, there is no additional charge. Our policy is to call you and discuss repair options. Prices are subject to change depending on the amount of labor that is needed. 

Update / Upgrade Installation:  $30.00

From time to time Babylock and Janome will release a machine update to fix a bug or improve performance of an existing feature.  These updates are free downloads and can be installed by the consumer provided they follow the included instructions exactly.  An upgrade is a software package you purchase and generally adds functionality to your machine.  An update is offered free on the manufacturers website and usually corrects any issues in your machine's software.  If you are uncomfortable doing the installation yourself we can do it for you.  Most update / upgrade installations take about 30 minutes.  This is the only service we will take reservations for.  Please call the shop to schedule a time to bring your machine in.  

How often should my machine be serviced?

It is recommended that all machines be serviced once a year.  If your machine is used heavily, you may want to consider having it serviced every 6 months.

What do I need to bring with my sewing machine or embroidery machine?

To ensure that we can give you the best repair service, please bring the following items with your machine:

Sewing Machine
Foot Control if required to run machine
Zig-Zag Foot & Shank
Bobbin Case and bobbin
Embroidery Machine
Embroidery Unit.                                                  
For multi-needle machines bring "A" and "B" arm {see "Note" below}
Embroidery Foot (if machine is sewing / embroidery you will also need a zig zag foot and shank)
Embroidery Hoop (4x4 or 5x7)
Bobbin Case and bobbin
Power cord is only required if it is connected to the Foot Pedal cord.                                                   

If you are experiencing stitch difficulties, it is very helpful to bring in a sample of what the machine is doing when you bring it in for repair. 

Note: When bringing in the Babylock 6 or 10 needle, or Alliance, you must also bring in the Frame 50 assembly, Frame 70 assembly and the Tubular Round Arm Set E if applicable. Please see picture.





Drop off your scissors or pinking shears for sharpening and we will have them ready within 5-10  days.  We cannot sharpen curved blade scissors.
Cost is $10.00.