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Meet The Staff


Marietta is a dynamo! She founded this company and grew it into what it is today.  She says sewing is how she relaxes and the evidence of it is breathtaking.  She is our chief bag maker, sample supplier, and all around inspiration.  How all of that fits into such a small package is a mystery. 


Shanon is the Shop & Event Manager but she is better known as Apollo's Mom.  She takes care of our website and helps out on the floor whenever she gets a chance.  Shanon specializes in machine embroidery and paper piecing.  She is wild for batiks and brilliant hues and patterns.  She likes to do her own thing and design her own quilts.  In her free time she likes to volunteer with the Quilt's Of Valor Foundation, scuba dive, and ride her motorcycle. 

Dianne (a.k.a:  Lil' Bit)

Dianne specializes in machine embroidery and quilting in the hoop.  She loves all kinds of brilliant colors but especially Pink.  She retired from Cryovac after fifteen years and is now enjoying her time with her Marietta's Family.  Dianne is an eleven year breast cancer survivor.  In her free time she likes to sew and cuddle her super sweet grandkids.... She wears the title Nanny with pride. 


Rose is a color guru.  She puts together our three and five yard quilt kits and is always inventing new variations for our Fat Quarter Bundles.  Rose is from the great frozen North East.  If you need to know anything about Janome machines, she's your girl!  She enjoys the beautiful southern weather, good roads, and anything Pink.  

Debbie (a.k.a: Stella)

Debbie is always in the back office.  She keeps busy doing all the ordering and receiving that keeps our shop humming along.  Debbie specializes in embroidery, and longarming.  She enjoys learning new things on her Solaris 2 and creating exciting new embroidery and long arm designs on her Pallette Software.  Debbie is a dog person.... which makes her A-OK in Apollo's book.


If you've stopped in on a Saturday you've probably met our newest team member.  Ruth is a gem in a quilt store because she specializes in sewing clothing!  Ruth is our go to expert on all things serger related.  She likes creating fun new clothes, taking long walks with her dog, and above all golf.  Ruth is here every Saturday, the rest of the time you might only catch her here if the golf course is closed.  


Teresa is the "swiss army knife" of the quilt shop because she does it all  She started at Marietta's as the back up sewing machine technician. On Tuesdays she works in the repair shop servicing sewing machines and sharpening scissors. On Fridays and first Saturdays she works on the sales floor and, on other days, she teaches basic quilting and binding.  Her favorite challenge is to design a quilt to showcase a particular fabric or panel. 

Teresa began quilting in 1998, starting with designing on graph paper, cutting with scissors, and piecing and quilting by hand. She still enjoys hand work but now sews most of her quilts by machine and quilts them on her Baby Lock Regalia.  She has completed over 100 quilts from mug rug to king size.  Her favorite projects combine different techniques and interesting color combinations. 
In addition to quilting, Teresa and her husband foster baby kittens and tend their flower and vegetable gardens.


Apollo and Marietta
Apollo at the door

Every Quilt Shop needs a greeter.  Here at Marietta’s Quilt & Sew we have Apollo.  Apollo is a Sheepadoodle but he is really more sheep than doodle.  His momma was an Old English Sheepdog (OES) and his daddy was half Standard Poodle and half Old English Sheepdog (OES).  Apollo was born right here in Upstate South Carolina just outside of Easley.  Apollo has been coming to work with Shanon since he was eight weeks old.  You will often see Apollo pop up in our live videos on Facebook and Comment Sold Sales.  He really is a glory hound and never misses an opportunity to pose for a picture or jump into a video. 

Lots of people come in to see him, he kinda has his own groupies!  He works every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We pay him in cookies, blueberries, and lots of attention.  We get lots of questions about him.  Here are the most common:

Does he shed?  Not really, the little bit of poodle in him prevents most shedding.  He spends about fifteen minutes a day getting fully brushed out and any loose hair gets picked up in the brush.

How do you keep him so white?  Apollo gets a bath every Monday so he will be fluffy and ready to meet all his fans during the week. 

How old is he?  Apollo’s Birthday is January 12, 2020.  We had a party at the store for his first birthday….. no, he didn’t get to enjoy the cake, but we sure did!

What happened to his tail?  Since he is mostly OES his tail was docked at birth.  All he has is a little nubbins which we keep trimmed into a puff ball.  Since he can’t wag his tail he just wags his whole back end when he meets his friends.